Sunday, July 7, 2013

May be my new fave!

I finally have gotten to make some new crochet crystal necklaces. It's a good thing too, I was all out!!!
I am slowly adding them to the SHOP, but I have to admit that this amethyst necklace may just be me absolute favorite. It is an amethyst with lots of character, crocheted with hand dyed indigo thread. The chain is a gunmetal grey accented with some beautiful green stones and if I must be honest, I cannot remember exactly what they are... Maybe some sort of dyed jasper or agate. They are really funky though and look great with the amethyst! If someone doesn't snag it up soon, I may be forced to keep it for myself!

Don't let me keep yet another one!

It has been torturously hot here (for New England, that is).
I am not built for this heat. Too hot for me to do much and the mosquitoes have been attacking in swarms. I feel like I have been a slug forever! We did break down and invest in an air conditioner though. Heaven. I am thankful for the ability to get out of the thick, heavy air. To be able to work a little bit here and there. But mostly I am thankful for being able to sleep. And I know the pups are happy to have a cool haven, even if it is only when I go into the room since they seem to have the need to follow me everywhere and be wherever I am.

Do you like this kind of weather?

What do you do to beat the heat?


  1. I don't mind hot weather for a bit, but I admit that it is not the best one for working or doing things...I do keep myself in the most cool places or in the beach :)

    Have a great week!

    Lluisa xx

  2. Helloooo. You know how I feel about warm weather. I've got a lizard soul. I hug cactus!
    I've not talked to anyone around here that likes these hot summer days. Wyoming is usually not in the 90's everyday, but you know, with this global warming, the whole nation is seeing the UN norm. I will admit, I find it hard to sleep. We don't have AC at all. So, yay for you getting a cooler!
    Love that amethyst too!! Pretty and healing all in one.
    See ya Brit!