Saturday, July 27, 2013


1. Working on new screens for screen printing. I have a farmers' market and then 3 day fair coming up next week and I am trying to get myself organized and add some new inventory.

2. On the note of new inventory, I have been in search of simple jersey skirts with no luck. But I have found some tank-top and tee-shirt dresses that I LOVE and am excited to be printing on!
(Above: a friend and local artist rocking one of the tank-top dresses with my "Rain in the Mountains" print on it in berry)

3. I may or may not have started a few too many projects today... I have been non-stop all day and since my body is sore from working, I am finally going to sit down!
(at least for a little bit)

What have you been up to lately?

1 comment:

  1. Gracious! You've got so much happening, I can't keep up!
    Yes I can. ;)
    I'm loving your creative energy. I hopped on over to your shop to ogle your Tshirts and bags. Love!
    I also notice you couldn't live without the Annie Oakley earrings either, huh? Gosh. Aren't they the most fabulous things? And,I love your dreadlock bun!
    How was the market and fair?