Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I woke up in a bit of a funk today.
Actually, to be honest, I had such an intense dream that I woke up crying.
I couldn't seem to stop, it was like my eyes were leaking and now they hurt!

Anyway, I had another post in mind, but am feeling lazy and don't feel like hooking up the camera to upload photos.
So until I feel more motivated to really mess around on the computer,
or until tomorrow,
here are a few lovely photos.
(don't you just love looking at nice photos? they don't need words- perfection!)

bookspaperscissors:  blue tit song by tevagallery

bookspaperscissors:  Cultivate Curiosity by emcee on Etsy

And how cute is this little bunny?

I have been trying to convince Andy that a bunny would be a happy addition to our wild family.
So far he is not on board...

images via

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