Monday, February 28, 2011

So today it is raining.
I am not sure how I am feeling about this after yesterdays beautiful snowfall
(which is all washes away or turning to compacted ice now)
I love winter,
so very, very much...
But after having a few teaser days at 50 degrees,
and a friend in Virginia saying that it is 70 degrees there,
I don't know, I am kind of ready for sprouts to start poking their green heads through the earth.
And although I am not quite ready for the coming season,
when it does fall upon us New Englanders,
it will greeted with thin sweaters and 'hip-hip-hoorays!'
Until then,
here are the photos I took on my walk in the snow yesterday from start before I left the house until the end of the walk.
(I am slightly impressed with myself,
which doesn't happen often,
for actually capturing a bit of the falling snow)
Enjoy your Monday, all!

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