Friday, February 18, 2011

a friend in the city

Yesterday was so amazingly warm out!
I had made plans to go into Boston and hang out (aka: thrifting and food) with my friend Chelsea.
I was so excited because we haven't hung out since we met this summer on the road.
I really love Chelsea, we automatically had a bond,
like long lost sisters...
I have been very blessed to meet a few people like this lately,
people who I actually have a lot in common with,
and we can't stop talking when we get together.

Anyways, I remembered to bring my camera,
but forgot it in the car for most of the time.
But I did get a bunch of great photos of the little time I did remember to take it out!

First of all, she lives on the 14th floor in a beautiful apartment that has lots of HUGE windows!
I forgot to take pictures in the daytime,
but the view was still incredible at night!
(plus I like that you can see both inside and out)

This is looking left out her windows towards Fenway.
(the glowing citgo sign is well known and seen from many places!)

This is looking right out the windows towards the prudential building (the tallest one)

You can't see in in these photos, but the moon which is pretty much full was gigantic!

This is Victor her amazing cat.
He was so sweet and loved rummaging around in the bags from the thrift store and under the clothes she scored!
He was posing here.

I didn't remember my camera for thrifting, but I did get a bunch of awesome things
(which I will try to remember to take photos of)
and chelsea got A LOT of great stuff, too!

I did remember to bring my camera into her school where she wanted to show me some work that was exhibited there by fellow artists.

This painting is the reason she wanted to bring me here.

I really liked the displays of studio supplies and objects...

This was really cool.
I forget the artists name, but look at the circle and then look under the shiny pipe-
It is an image of his face!

Here is another one from that same artist.
This is from far away...

And here is the effect up close!
Cool right?

These were incredible.
They are miniatures of studios...
I don't know if it is normal to be jealous of these fake miniature people's totally rad studios,
but I am for sure!
There is even furniture,
mini supplies like paint and brushes, etc...
there are even mini works of art in progress!

You can see how small scale it all is here:

Here is another miniature:

Lastly, (and there were many more I didn't take photos of)
I thought this cloud was so beautiful!

Later we went to hang out with another friend who I haven't seen in a while, too.
It was his birthday, so it was nice to be able to wish him a happy one in person!

So that was my day yesterday.
Sorry for the excess of photos...
I got home around 9:30 and passed out not too long after that!
What has the weather been like where you are?

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