Thursday, May 6, 2010

So I totally suck at being a good blogger lately.
I have totally been putting off new posts because I have been busy, but also because I have just been lazy.

Today was soooo beautiful.
It started off like it was going to thunder and lightening (which I would have totally been stoked about), but it ended up being sunny and warm and windy with gorgeous clouds!

Here is Veda cuddling with me in the car, right before she decided to invite herself onto my lap in the front seat)

These clouds were moving FAST!

I have been watching my mom's cats (which were my sister's and my cats/ family cats).
Of corse, right away there was a slight catastrophe.
(wow, unintended bad pun, sorry)
One of the cats (Tinkerbell, aka stinkerbell or stinky, who is a boy) lost a major tooth,
just rotted right out of his mouth,
and he was limping on one of his front paws.
So of course this is Thursday that I notice these things.
Friday we had the puppet show in Dover, NH and were going to be gone most of the day
(or at least business hours)
and then it was the weekend, so the vet wasn't open.
Luckily, he wasn't acting weird or anything, he was affectionate and still eating and drinking water.
Finally I brought him to the vet on monday.
The appt. was at 3:30, but we had to wait a half hour before they brought us in which sucked because I had the cat in a backpack with his head sticking out (this is how our cats have always gone to the vet, they are happier in there than a carrier).
Not very fun.

Here is Tinkerbell in the bag before he pushed his head all the way out before my mom left (he also has something going on with his back legs, this was from that vet visit).
I promise he wasn't being tortured.

When we got in there she noticed that he had pretty bad dental decay (obviously) and that his claws were growing into his paw since he doesn't really go outside anymore and doesn't really scratch things which would file them down.
So now I have to give him liquid antibiotics 2x a day via his mouth
(my mom lives 1/2 hour away which is a lot of gas. I was going once a day before.)
and he had to be quarantined in the bathroom for a couple of days so he could have his own litter box with shredded paper until his paw started to heal.
Oh that was fun.
Shredded paper sucks to clean.
Not that I am a fan of ANY cat litter (that is the next part of my story), but it doesn't clump and the pee gets on his paws and then he walks littering shredded paper and pee-pee paw prints everywhere around so I had to wash the floor.
Also, while I was trying to get a litter box for his shredded paper I decided to empty the regular litter out of one and ended up breathing in some of the dust and now totally have a sinus infection.
Kitty litter is nasty stuff.
I thought I did a good job of protecting myself by putting the box in the trash bag and slowly dumping it in, but the dust still got into my nose.
I should have worn a mask.
I think that this whole thing has shown me that I will never have cats again (also because I have a bird), especially cats that have to use a litter box.
Well, at least I could let Stinkerbell out today and he doesn't really fight me on the antibiotics which is good.
Plus he isn't limping on his front paw anymore.
So that has been my week.
How are you all?
Whats going on!?!

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