Monday, May 24, 2010

Puppet FUN!

Unfortunately I couldn't get this photo to copy,
but here is a link to a photo of Andy (how hot is he!?!)
with some puppets at Wormtown last year!!!

Here is another fun photo of a puppet though!

This is the Gypsy dancing with our Friend Cindy from Harry's Hill up in Starks, ME!

Right now we are getting ready for Strange Creek out in Greenfield, MA.
We are going to be performing the new (small) puppet show that I wrote the story for and made the puppets and backdrops for as well...

It is called "Flora and the Magic Seeds"
I am still not crazy about the name, but it will have to do...

I have been working on the illustrations for this story
(that I wrote a couple of years ago)
to make it into a children's book.
Maybe on day I will have it finished and someone will want to publish it!
That would be great!

I am super critical, and there is so much I am not sure I like or definitely don't like about the story, illustrations and even the finished puppets!
It is really annoying to always see the flaws in work that initially is so exciting.
But I have to let some of it go because I don't want to be too obsessive compulsive and never have it actually finished!
That would be terrible...

Anyway, I still have to finish the illustrations,
but until then, I will be wishing and manifesting!

Hope you all have a wonderful monday!
Lovin' you all!
Little Owl

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