Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It is so hot today!
I know I shouldn't complain,
I don't really mind the heat too much,
but I do get cranky if I can't cool off...
All I wanted to do today was go to the beach and possibly go swimming
(I'm not much of a sun bather),
but even though I live by the ocean and right up the street from the beach it didn't happen...
I did get a parking ticket today though!
I spent the afternoon driving in the beginning of tourist traffic and trying to pay stupid bills.
I ended up fighting with the people at kelly ryan about my excise tax...
I paid it,
thought it got lost in the mail because I got a late notice,
then finally put a stop on the check (because the new bill with a late fee is due Friday),
went to the town hall to pay the fee again today
only to have them tell me it was already processed and that I would probably have a fee for the stop on the check.
Um... WTF!?!
So after having the call dropped 2 times because cell reception here in Fishtown sucks,
I tried calling kelly ryan
(let me just note that kelly ryan makes be so mad and therefore does not merit capitals anywhere in the spelling, unless it is a personally chosen work of description following the name)
and talked to the biggest bitch ever (sorry if my language offends) who wouldn't even listen to me
and ended up in tears...
Luckily, the one time the bank was being cool and the people were nice was today.
The woman at the bank got to the stop in time and lifted it.
So the problem should be solved.
Let's hope, fingers crossed....
But I still got a parking ticket.
All because I was being nice (and indecisive)
and letting the people at the consignment shop go ahead of me while I finished really deciding.
ACK! right?

Ok sorry for the TOTAL ramble.

Here are some wishing photos,
as in I wish I made it to the beach to attempt swimming today...



I kinda wish I looked like this...


This is how I sit and soak up the sun when I am at the beach... NOT!



I am not quite sure why, but I just really like this...

Ok, would someone please explain this too me?
If it is hot enough to be in your bathing suit and have your top coming off,
why the HELL would you be wearing socks!?!
This is completely moronic.


Ahh, here we go, this is what I wanted to do!


Perfect and refreshing!

How was your day?
Is it hot where you live?


  1. As I guy, I like the picture with the socks (for obvious reasons). My problem isn't with the 1970's style socks, it's with her "I look like am crapping myself face". Sexy face? Not.

    And she kind of has the Jessica Simpson look going on.

  2. ha ha ha! you are totally right! another reason this photo is totally moronic!