Saturday, November 2, 2013

Vibrant.... Surprise!

This fall has been pretty darn fantastic.
The trees have been bursting, like they are on fire in all hues of warmth!
I am so in love with this season!

...And speaking of being in love...
This little cutie is the surprise I mentioned the other day.

Meet Margaret Sue, (I know, we are crazy!) we have been in love with her for a while and she finally went up for adoption last week! We knew we wanted a third dog, but we were thinking it would be more when we moved.
Anyway, Margi was born without a paw on her back leg and the vet decided it would be better to amputate it to prevent any future pain or infections. So she only has 3 legs and she is perfect!

Margaret is a perfect fit here!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!!!



  1. I thought you were a little crazy for getting a 3rd dog, and then I saw her face...well, of course she had to come home with you! Congratulations on having another bundle of love in your home. Looking forward to meeting her.

  2. Oh what a lovely sweet, gorgeous thing, she looks really nice and you both are a really nice people with a heart full of love. I am reading this post and it's just 8 in the morning, I am smiling and feeling so grateful to people like you. Oh and I almost forget, lovely photos with all those vibrant colours!

    Have a great day!!

    Lluisa x

  3. Ok. You guys are CRAZY over dogs!
    That pic of all four on the couch! Haha!
    Margi is adorable. She's in for a lot of fun & frolics in this household!
    Lovely fiery fall days to you, Britt!

  4. margaret sue is a sweetheart. i love her markings.
    what a lucky little puppy to land in such a loving pack.
    our little deaf puppy is quickly learning signs & doesn't seem any different than our hearing dogs.
    here's to our special new babies! ♥