Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Right Path

I was outside on the deck doing some dyeing and noticed all the beautiful colors of fallen leaves scattered everywhere. I had to take a minute to do a mini photo shoot.

I love how I can be inspired by the every-dayness of what is around me.
I am a reflection of my environment.
My work is a reflection of my environment.
I find myself dressed in complimentary colors to the weather and environment outside
and continuously in awe of how beautiful nature is.
It never gets old.

I am loving every day with our new puppy.
I love all our pups, to be honest.
I am happiest when surrounded by animals, especially dogs.
They have a way of connecting, of understanding and are full of unconditional love.
I am inspired by this.

I feel like I am on the right path, a path that is leading me, not fighting me.
I have to work hard, but in an indescribable way it is easy.
I am/we are working towards the life we want, manifesting.

Let the flow continue...



  1. Wow. To be on your path and loving it, you are inspiring dear friend.

  2. I can't imagine life without animals. (I like them more than people. Hehe)
    A path that's not fighting you. Brilliant!
    Go with the flow, baby!

  3. Thanks for such inspirational words.
    Flowing with life....

    Have a nice weekend!

    Lluisa x