Sunday, November 10, 2013

Studio Time + My Supervisor

1. Posey as my studio time supervisor.

2. Work attire: The messy apron.

3. A work in progress and stuff.
Lots of stuff (and this is just one little area)

Do you have a work/studio space?
Tell me about it, or if you have a link to photos, I would love to see!!!



  1. I love work spaces and how you express yourself through them, I still don't have my own one, hope someday soon :)

    Have a nice week!

    Lluisa xx

    1. They are so wonderful, Lluisa! I hope you find a space to make your own soon, even if it is a little corner (I have, many times, only had a little corner, or worked on the bed, couch, living room floor...)

  2. You lovely lovely girl!!
    Lookin' content with Posey and a hat to match his feathers!
    Speaking of, you made that didn't you? Great color.
    Studio spaces are so telling, aren't they. I mean, how many jars of feathers can a girl have???!!!
    And rocks and shells and acorns and bones...where can we possibly find room for tubes of paint??!
    Love seeing you this morning. :)

    1. so true, lynn!
      I did make that hat, it is the scozia that you had loved so much before... I made one in alpaca as well (in the smaller size) and it is actually perfect!
      As for the nature collections, there is never enough room! I am a feather hoarder, I love feathers and have so many! But I am also a collector of so many other natural things: rocks (lots of rocks), bones, antlers (don't have many of those, would love to gather more!), shells... Space is always an issue and I have every corner crammed! Yikes! I always wish I could be more minimalistic when it comes to both my living and working spaces!