Saturday, December 10, 2011

There seems to be unavoidable shifts going on in my life,
the kinds that even if I wanted to protest or put a stop to it there is no option,
time keeps moving on,
and yet standing still.

I am endlessly happy, but also have some sadness in my heart.
These are things that I grow stronger and better from.
I am learning to let go of control and just trust myself in return...

I have been living by the new Feist album.
It seems to be covering all the emotions I am feeling
and evoking all of the strength that my spirit needs.
I can't even really put it into words.

Lately I have been thankful for my knowledge of using plants as medicine,
Elderberry (syrup) has been a real comfort for this obstinate cough that seems to persist
and for the numerous herbal tea concoctions that I combine for health and for pleasure...

Have I ever mentioned how grateful I am for tea?
In my mind it is a perfect and invaluable medicine,
both for the body and the soul.

When I do consultations or educate others about herbal medicine
making tea is always the first and foremost remedy that I teach.
It is a wonderful way to be present in the process of your own healing.
It requires more than just swallowing a pill or gulping down a tincture.
You have to have patience,
to wait for the time to pass and then slowly sip...

There is a need for purpose.

The plant world has helped me find purpose.
It is a lifestyle and a passion, not just an interest, hobby or job.
It is steep in passion which creates relationships with these green spirits.

A quick Elderberry syrup recipe:

1 cup fresh (or 1/2 cup dried) elderberries (always the blue ones!)
3 cups water
1 cup honey

In a saucepan bring elderberries to a boil in the water, then reduce and simmer for 30-45 minutes.
When done, smash the berries and strain the mixture through a fine cheesecloth.
Add the cup of honey (or honey to taste, which is what I do because I never really measure anything!)
Bottle and store in the refrigerator.
Should keep for a few months.

*Optional to add while simmering:

Happy medicine making!


Things that I am grateful for today:


-That spark in my solar plexus that makes me want to create...
and have a dance party, even if I'm all by myself.

-Knowledge... Of any kind, this directly connects us to the universe, to spirit.

-Laughter and good friends to share it with.

-Music that speaks directly to my soul.

What are you thankful today?


  1. thankful for You, wise owly woman! i'm so excited to visit your lovely abode & share some of this transition energy with you (and maybe some of your tasty syrup too) *xXoO*

  2. I am jumping for joy kell! i miss you and the bug!!!! xo

  3. How I am grateful for you, Brittan! To know you, you open my eyes, you gave me recipe which I need right now, because the cough is my friend last 5 weeks...Would be nice to see you working.

    have a great Sunday!

  4. hmm... It makes me want to start taking time to drink more herbal teas, really.

  5. Alas, I also share this persistent cough and am thankful for your recipe. Now, the search for elderberries begins...

  6. I wish I had elderberries growing nearby! I make do with raspberries and huckleberries though:) Be well, sweet woman.

  7. i too wish we had elderberries around here. but i am very grateful for tea - really i only got into drinking it a couple years ago, to help warm my chest and ease an ever persistent winter cough. but now it is generally a good part of my morning routine (and other times too), a bit of comfort in the day, a contemplation as i sip. thanks for reminding me - and thanks for keeping your joy like a bright light for the rest of us!