Monday, December 5, 2011

Knitting Night at Abi's House

Once a month, my friend Abi invites friends to gather at her house for a night of knitting.
There is food, drink and laughter.
So good for the soul.


  1. That is sooo nice idea!!!! :) If i would have friend knitters here, I would invite them too..hmm.
    And what about results? When I eat, drink, laugh my work isn´t the best one :D.

    Have a nice monday, Brittan!!

  2. hahaha, misha! you are right, the results were not exactly flawless, but everything turned out fine in the end ;) it was a fun night though....

  3. that looks so great - we used to try and have craft nights in the fall and winter, but last year i couldn't seem to get people organized for it. maybe it's time to try again.