Monday, December 12, 2011

The past few days have really forces me to think about things that are so seemingly simple at first glace, but it is the onion effect where there is layer upon layer once sliced into.
There are things that I think about as just an everyday part of life,
part of relating,
part of being.
Things that I think I have taken for granted.
Things that I think I deserve.
There is so much push and pull in life,
I guess that is how we are balanced.
There is not light without dark,
no happiness without sadness,
it's the very definition of harmony and balance.

But as we all know, and sometimes I seem to forget,
this is a hard thing to maintain and accept sometimes.

Everything worth anything in life seems to take time and patience (something that I am continually working on having more of).
There is a fine detail to everything in ethos.
The Universe unending shows in unexpected ways how we have strings connected to everything
and everyone.

And yet we are all still human.
I am still human.
Sometimes it is hard for me to remember this.

And sometimes I have to remind myself that I am blessed to have to work so hard at this balance that I am trying to maintain,
to work so hard to continually have the gift of laughter ever present in my life.

I like to be connected.
To have connections.
To have people that smile back at me in my life.

I feel like when I am out about about I am an anthropologist of sorts,
always observing and entertaining ideas about the lives and culture around me.
Observing how and why...
I am fascinated by people.
It helps me to connect.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and maybe take a little time to connect with someone new or someone you already know with open eyes.


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