Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Swimming with the Selkies

Finally, a GORGEOUS day!!!

Again I have been procrastinating with what it is I really should be working on, but sometimes you have to choose beauty and pleasure over should's and need to's.
I did, however, get to take my first jump into the sea!!!

Veda and I went for one of our (almost) daily walks to the beach down the street,
my favorite beach in the area.
It was actually so nice that I decided to run back home, throw on my bathing suit and skip back on down with Miss Lou to jump into the water!
Oh, and on top of that it is high tide (my favorite tide!) and it is a super full moon tide (even better!) which means the water is up pretty darn high!
What perfection!?!

I love the sea, it is no secret.
I love the smell of that salty sea air,
I love the feel of the briny water on my skin and in my hair,
I love to feel like a mermaiden as I splash around...
Or maybe a selkie...
I do love those sea dogs!

There is no magic like the that of the sea.
There is not a thing more fantastical or enchanting.
And the supernatural glamour is like balm for the soul...
Anima, Animus.

Hope your day was enjoyable as mine,
Maybe you got in a little swim!!!


  1. sounds wonderful, all of it (your photos, your words). i haven't exactly been swimming yet, but wading, and out on my paddleboard. hopefully boarding will lead to a lot more in-ocean time this summer than usual.

  2. oh my gosh, that river, or inlet, or whatever where veda is swimming looks gorgeous! how warm is the water? something tells me it's pretty cold compared to here ;)