Friday, June 10, 2011

ode to the red poppy

I love my red poppies.
Actually I love all my poppies, they are one of my favorite flowers, but these ones are the only blooming at present...
What more can I say!?!

The other day I went to check on the babies in their nest and sadly startled them.
They flew out and scattered.
We got one back in and I am hoping the other 2 are safe and getting a hold on their newly developed wings... I was a bit heartbroken, it was completely accidental.
I am just hoping that the 2 that I couldn't find are big enough to get up in a tree,
I am thinking they might be since they easily fluttered away from me and seemed to be able to get at least a little leverage.

I did go and check on the one still in the nest and he is getting quite curious:

Hoping you are having a sunshiney day!

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