Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Simple Sunshine

Make time to spend outside.
Every day.
You will find new ways to connect to the world around you.
It will lift you up and renew your spirit, for sure!

Bring a pack, fill it will things you might like to have with you so you can linger. A camera, sketchbook, layers and, of course, tea~

I find that when I am out in the woods or wandering along the coast I am calm, my mind has time and space to just be in the place where I stand (something that is normally quite difficult for me to do).

I feel at peace with myself.
Plunking down next to a little brook with a waterfall and listening to the water babble, my mind is clear. The water does all the talking and I can just listen. Or sitting on a boulder under dazzling, radiant sunshine. Smiling, as I lay back and turn my face toward the glowing warmth.

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