Monday, November 24, 2014


I live on an island.
Well, technically it is a peninsula, but everyone refers to it as an island. There are even people who won't go over the bridge and prefer to stay on here, within the the 2 towns and its limited "wild" space. We are a port town, a fishing town, so many spend a majority of their lives on boats as well.


One of the things I am realizing with time is that I absolutely, positively need to be outside.
In wild space, forested places, open fields, along coastal beaches or exploring the rocks. The more space the better. Space is limited where I live, especially "wild" space, but the space we do have is positively enchanting...
I appreciate being out in nature for so many reasons, but it really makes me realize how little I need to be happy. In an opposing sense, it also makes me appreciate all of the comforts of modern living.
Still, my days are always brighter when I make time to be out there, where the wild things live. Moving under the cover of trees, through crepitating twigs and leaves. Next to a brook, leading to the feral, open ocean. The places that makes my heart sing. Cheeks rubicund as I face the full force of cold air in the transition of autumn into the winter solstice. I like the quiet, although it isn't really quiet at all. It feels like home.


  1. Oh my gosh, yes! I live in the city, which can be suffocating at times. But I actually live at the *edge* of the city on the tip of the Portland peninsula, so there are little lakes, two incredible rivers that are full of industry but also unexpected amounts of wildlife, and several large forested parks. I feel exactly what you've described. And a day without going outside and breathing some free air is a sad day.

    1. I feel claustrophobic in the city and can only handle being there for short amounts of time, I always have admiration for those who live there! Sounds like you have an excellent balance, though!!!

  2. You live in a beautiful dreamland, my friend!