Saturday, February 9, 2013

A thought on inspiration and creativity

I had been dreaming up some simple, bold, seed beaded necklace designs for quite some time...

I acquired an array of beads a while ago... and then did nothing. Beading is one of the crafts I started with and lately I have been feeling like I almost need to start over, start simple, to refocus my motivation. 

These things can't be forced. This is something I have to remind myself frequently, anytime I find myself out of the "flow" of creativity. I have found, for me, my creative cycle stays more consistent if I have multiple projects going on at any given time so I always have something else to shift to if I get bored or stuck on whatever I am working on. If I take to long of a break, have to lengthy of a gap between projects I have to start the cycle all over again. By start over again, what I mean is I have to go to places that inspire me, surround myself with beautiful things, have good conversations with people, play, laugh, dance, take in the colors of the world around me. Basically, live life aware and with intention.

I have found that I have to build myself up to a certain point to be able to start pulling out what is bubbling up inside, what ignites and electrifies my soul and forces me to create something physically. This can take hours, days, weeks, sometimes even months. It can be very frustrating, but in the end I always find passion. Passion is a large part of why I do what I do. I want to feel passion for what I do on a daily basis. I want to be in love with it. It is a relationship all on its own and it can be very difficult to maintain, but I love, long for and need it all the same.

So with that, I have been inspired to make these necklaces. They are of simple construction, but there is something about that simplicity, paired with the definitive, luridness of color that just sparks an emotion in my core. Many of them I add crystals to, crystals that I feel connected to for the individual piece, crystals to evoke a certain energy when worn so close to the heart. I believe in color as a therapy and these make me happy and smile.... That is what it is all about.


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