Friday, February 8, 2013

In a so-called blizzard

We are supposed to get a heap of snow! (*smirking* and all fingers crossed... but power on for the birdie, please!)
We are also supposed to get our butts kicked by this so called blizzard. They expect such an intense storm that they called a driving ban... Um, what?!? I have never even heard of that before! I guess the last time there was a driving ban during a storm was the blizzard of '78. Yikes!

Anyway, we didn't plan on going out for a drive anyway. We have been entertaining ourselves by playing Wii and listening to music while doing silly dances. And it hasn't been too bad so far, it is windy and a bit snowy, but that is about all. We might try to go sledding later or a late night wintery walk.

I did go for a walk this morning in the woods just as the snow started and the wind picked up, it was nice out there. Quiet, except the wind whirring through the trees. Quiet, but not still.

I like walking out in the vast deciduousness and transitioning into the pockets of evergreens. They are all snuggled together letting less light sneak through. It seems so cozy to be a tree in that part of the forest and the floor is always covered with fluffy, shaggy moss. It is quite nice. But still I hope for an accumulation of snow so I can feel the woods sleeping underneath my footsteps. So I can smell the sweet, crisp and fresh air that wafts up.

I can't wait to wake up to everything sheltered in white!


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