Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This is a wonderful day, I have never seen this one before.
~Maya Angelou

I love the quote above.
So sincere and so true.


It has been grey and rainy for the past few days, but I don't really mind.
It is a good time to be quiet, to work on or contemplate my next project...

Lately, rooibos tea with raw milk,
accompanied by a homemade banana or pumpkin ginger bread starts my morning.
Along with stretching and a snuggle with the furry and feathered ones.
I have been having some crazy dreams (not very good ones, I might add) and feel like they have been leaving me in a funk for the whole day.
Does this ever happen to you?


Below are a couple of newer necklaces I have made.
This summer I started playing around with some recycled leather and really like the combination with the metal and stones.
They lend nicely to each other.
The second necklace, which I call the abacus necklace, seems to be pretty popular.
Simplicity in the shape, accented with bold color.

I hope you are having a bright and energized day!


  1. Wow. That quote. Is that not so perfect? I shall write that down and tape it to my coffee mug to look at every morning.
    I'm sorry about those dreams. Meditate them away, sista!
    I've had dreams lately about strangers trying to "remove" a skin tag I have on my cheek, above my mouth, left side. I never thought of getting rid of it until now!
    Hmmm...I wonder if it has anything to do with me watching Austin Powers Gold Member the other night. That hilarious part about "The Mole". Haha! Are you familiar? Your jewelry is always so unique. I like them both! xo

  2. that is hilarious, lynn! i do know the movie (and that part always cracks me up!) i bet it does have to do with that. but i wouldn't worry about it, you are perfect and beautiful the way you are!
    i am sure my dreams are related to everyday happenings, i just wish they weren't so unnerving and gruesome! (i won't even go into them a little bit) i have always had a fairly morbid imagination, i think that is why i like to make and be surrounded with beautiful things so much!