Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Re-discovering... Part 1

Exploring during a walk in Ravenswood Park which is part of the Greenbelt.
I have been feeling a little uninspired, even when I was taking photos I wasn't sure I was really seeing.
But now, looking back at them, I am realizing all of the beauty and texture captured that day.

Even when all the leaves have fallen,
the color hasn't faded...

I adore texture.
Everything I do has some sort of contrast of color or texture... Or both!

Do you ever feel like you want to just wrap yourself in the colors of nature,
the colors of the season,
the colors of the environment you are surrounded by?
I know I do.
I feel like I want to layer on the elements like how the leaves layer on the ground.


Now I can't wait for snow!
I need the quiet, calm, serene blanket of white to slow down my mind.

Do you get snow where you live?
Do you like winter?

Be well this evening!

1 comment:

  1. I especially love the white bark on those birch trees. I think they are birch. Out here, they are aspens, my favorite tree. Yes, you really captured the essence of the colors and feeling of winter. We have no snow. Well, a trace. It's unheard of to not be knee deep in snow in December. I love a blanket of white, the quiet and stillness and a crackling fire. Where are you SNOW??
    I wish you snowy days Brit, and layers of leaves, and lots of yarn in earth tones. x