Monday, November 12, 2012

What is this, some new age roost?

So we have paused for the moment on the house we were looking at. We aren't sure it is really the right fit (pouting a wee bit about it), but in short there is a long history of issues connected with the houses and land in the area and the towns seems to have things really screwed up. Anyway, back the the picture of chickens in the swing set... We were driving by a house across town to see if we wanted to take a look at it and when we turned down the road this is what we saw in the neighbors back yard. I was in hysterics and made Nate stop so I could get a photo (there was a fence in the way so I couldn't get the awesome shot I really wanted). We really would love to have chickens and hopefully sometime in the (near) future we will have our own little flock! Well, I just loved that these hens were just chilling out in the "fort" part of the swing set. Genius! What better way to use it? After all it does kind of look like a coop without any fencing!


  1. Heck Brit. Every chicken needs a fort!! Lol.
    Good call on putting the love nest on hold. If you're hesitant, don't do it! Your pad, the one you will love and laugh in, will happen when it's suppose to. guys know that. Happy Monday, you busy beaver you! Nate looked cute browsing at your art show. He has his eye on that little blue trinket! xx

  2. thanks lynn. we know the right place will come along. and maybe this place will end up working out once it gets its issues settled a little more. i hope you had a great weekend!