Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A little smirking...

I wanted to share with you my new find. I love this ring that I found today for a whopping $3 while visiting a friend at our local consignment shop (where she works and I frequently visit/shop for my clothing addiction).

Meanwhile, as I was taking this photo, Nate was chuckling as he watched me take a quick snapshot. I caught him and his response was "I knew you were going to share a photo of it and that's why I was smirking."
Silly, I know...

Anyway, I am super pumped about Thanksgiving (best holiday ever!) I cannot wait to eat way too much food drowned in gravy (and cranberry sauce, mmmm........)! Do you have any turkey-day plans or traditions?


  1. I think Nate should find you a jeweled crown to wear for Thanksgiving...like the one on your new ring!
    We will be eating corned beef sammy's around a fire pit on our land, listening to the birds. Very non traditional! Smirk smirk.
    Happy Thanksgiving Brit!

  2. Lynn!
    1. i think that is a wonderful idea. i will be looking for the perfect tiara to crown him with (*snickering*)
    2. that sounds like such a wonderful way to spend thanksgiving. i love the primal element of fire and since i moved and don't have my woodstove anymore i miss it even more! plus, there is nothing like being surrounded by crackling fire and birdsong!
    have a happy day!!!