Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Best guy ever!

Have I mentioned how amazing my boyfriend is? I was having one of those days yesterday where everything seemed to turn out to be a complete clusterf@ck. I was so grumpy (and my grumpy I mean straight up mad) and nothing seemed to be going my way. There has been so much going on I can hardly keep things straight, let alone keep my head on tight. When Nate came home later than usual from work, I realized why. He had gone to 3 different grocery stores to find me some nice flowers and the lemon cookies I like to cheer me up. And it worked! What a sweet man and what a wonderful surprise! It's pretty hard to be grumpy when someone you love surprises you with thoughtful gifts and when your face is stuffed with tasty lemon cookies!

On a side note, I hope you all are having a great day and make it to the polls. Even if you don't know who to vote for, make it count. I know I am thankful to have the right to vote, I am thankful for all the women who stood up and fought for my right to vote.
Happy tuesday, lovebirds!


  1. Nate is great.
    Lemon cookies. Lemon anything!!
    I was cranky and grumpy rage yesterday. Mainly due to the fact that this two monkey town voted down a new library!! Is that absurd or what?!
    Leave it to the tight a@@ oil rig-gas-fracking red necks that inhabit this beautiful prairie.
    And because I was having a "grumpy Brit Day", my sweet hubby got me a pizza!
    Thank you for letting me get my YA YA's out. xo

  2. what a beautiful, nice choice in colors and flower ...! it seems that we are experiencing a wave kind of confused ... I hope it goes away soon because I also want to smile again.
    beautiful woman a big hug * =