Saturday, October 20, 2012

Slow recovery...

I am making a slow recovery with both my work and posting here. While I have been working here and there on my art, it is nowhere near what I am normally producing.

However, I have some new things going on...

I was excited this morning to wake up and decide that I was finally going to make myself an infinity scarf using the cotton jersey that I had dyed with indigo at a friends house a couple of weeks ago! I have been having visions of including some indigo dyeing into my work. I love the experimentation involved in this dyeing process. I am sure there are ways to be exact, but I like to throw caution to the wind and just wing (for the most part) it with pretty much everything I do... so here is the result of my scarf, what do you think?
(I was thinking of maybe making a couple to add to the shop... Anyone interested?)

I finally got to somewhat set my studio back up! whoooot!!!
This is my "desk" area.
I tend to work on the floor a lot, but this is a good space for me to do computer work, paint or work on jewelry. And of course, Posey has a spot next to me so she can supervise.

And lastly, I have been working on a few knitting project, which doesn't help with me being distracted from my real work. I have been working on my first ever sweater (I will have to remember to post about it...).
Knitting seems to be what I call my "pleasure craft", meaning I mostly do it just for myself, but I am finally getting out the crochet hook and stones that I got this summer to create some new pendants and necklaces! I am pretty pumped about these, I have some new types of stones to work with, including pyrite, polished flourite and some big, chunky citrine...

So that seems to be my focus today, well, at least for this morning...
I still have all sorts of stuff to do pertaining to the house. I feel like all I do is make phone calls lately, and I hate the phone! Not to mention that I really don't know what I am doing, so this is all a learning experience! But hopefully it will all pay off in the end!

I hope you are having an amazingly blissful Saturday.
I hope you have an amazingly blissful weekend!
Tell me, what are you up to?



  2. Haha! Sweet. (Above). Anyway, I'm loving your excitement on new prospects, the stones, the scarves (gorgeous!) workspace and posey by your side! So, hang up that blasted phone, turn up the music and create to your hearts content! Peace.

  3. sounds like you have been busy, and i can totally relate to taking some time to settle in to a new place. after moving a few weeks ago i just haven't really found my groove yet; in fact i feel mostly inspiration-less as far as stitching goes. glad one of us is finding it - and that scarf looks great!