Monday, October 22, 2012

Meet Dory

This is Dory, he is Nate's aunt's horse.
Dory is 32! And lookin' good!
What a sweet boy, he is kind of like a lab in personality, always sweet, very mellow and always begging for a treat! I think veda was trying to play with him because she kept coming up to him and then scampering away (which is sometimes how she plays). It was really cute, plus Dory likes dogs... We went to see him and take him for a little walk on Saturday which ended up being perfect since it was absolutely gorgeous out!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. I'm in LOVE with Dory! And whaaaa??? 32 years? Are ya kiddin' me? I had no idea horses lived to be past 20! Well then, she is so well taken care of and swooned over, no wonder! Very cool, Brit. Please give her an apple for me, yah?

  2. Hello, nice to see your updates ... His "dreads" are made from crochet hook? If yes believe it is you who do, I'm trying something else so far only made ​​an acorn hair hehehehe. Liked the post of crochet you do with stones, but did not quite understand the process of making the "net" around him ... a beautiful week! xoxo

  3. Marcela- the dreads are basically felted, we both have them and we both had friends that put them in for us. i hope you are having a great week! thank you for checking in and your wonderful comments!!!