Saturday, February 4, 2012

Good morning!

It sure feels like spring here today.
This morning all the songbirds were out and about chattering away,
such a lovely sound!
I adore birdsong.

My new home is a different setting from the cottage in the woods where I was before.
There were many, many birds there...
I brought my feeders with me and hope that they will find me here.

This morning I am listening to a mix of great music on pandora
and then will head out to do a little thrifting with my sister.
But until then, I will be drinking my tea, enjoying my music and having some quality cuddle time with the little Posey bird and of course Veda, too!

I hope you have a sunshiny day!


  1. aww love the photo of you with the bird!

  2. It won't be long til they(birdies) find you! Happy new home:)