Monday, January 9, 2012

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I woke up to a dusting of snow covering the earth this morning!
I have not really seen snow yet,
I was beginning to worry.
I truly believe there is nothing more beautiful
than a sunny morning where the ground is freshly covering in snow.
Everything looks more beautiful covered in snow.


It's interesting how thought patterns work.
How difficult it can be to actually change them and keep them that way.

My goal is to be able to trust.
Trust in myself.
To be able to throw caution to the wind (so to speak),
to let go
and just be.

This is what I have been working towards and it is all fine and well in theory, but it is all subjective. I am noticing that there are all sorts of circumstances.

One day I might feel fine with it, totally balanced and in control, but the next day is a whole new day. The moon may be full, or I may have only slept for 3 hours, or someone might have done or said something that didn't sit right with me... I am still trying to find ways to harmonize these things.
I am not saying that I will always be seemingly happy,
but I feel it is realistic to be able to take life with a grain of salt
and not let it sway my inner core to the degree that it has in the past.


I am still in the process of moving,
good lord I have so much stuff!
The piles are dwindling down, however
and I have this overwhelming urge to just let go.

*Wishing you all a wonderful and warm Tuesday*

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