Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mossy and Sunlight, Darkness in the Trees...

The days are getting longer,
but the sun still falls behind the shadow of the wood and rock
sooner than one might anticipate.
I don't mind the darkness,
but I do love having longer days.

I find this pine forest so peaceful.
It is north facing, so it tends to always be darker,
but it feels so welcoming.
It is a good place for me to settle my mind.

I am moving this month (yikes!)
and I have so much going through/packing to do.
I want to let go of a lot of things,
both literally and metaphorically.
This wasn't really a planned decision,
but it was my choice.
I think it is a good step for me...


  1. Beautiful photos, specially the last one. Moving? Oh. Pity to leave this beautiful setting behind but as it was your choice, things must only get better :) I will miss seeing photos of the forest around your house though!

  2. thanks erin... don't worry, though, i can't be away from nature. so rest assured there will be many beautiful photos of the forest and sea!

  3. What part of the world will you be making your next adventure? Make sure to try and take many more beautiful photos!