Saturday, January 7, 2012

Some of New Years in Black and White...

So I have been distracted lately with the whole moving thing...
I am trying to get all the details together, but it seems that I might be able to start moving things in this weekend!
However, I am procrastinating a little bit right now until my sister gets here to help me.
Instead of packing, I am totally dilly-dallying!

Well, I thought it was about time I edit the photos I took on New Years Eve at a friends party.
These are the black and white ones, I like how they came out.
I hate using a flash, so I didn't, and am still trying to learn about different manual settings,
especially for night time.
The color ones (which I will post another time) are a lot more grainy,
but it is kind of cool because it kind of looks like they were taken with an old camera or something.

Anyway, did you have a good New Years?


  1. big changes in the start of the new year for you
    my dear friend! best wishes with the moving process.

    yes, i had a good new years. lots of good food and nice conversations : )


  2. Yes I had a quiet and kind of boring one but I really needed that kind of one. Sorry about the moving it's such a crapper I moved a few months ago still trying to get the new studio set up as well as the old one was and still searching for stuff I thought I had packed so carefully oh well good luck with you packing glad you have a sister to help you out. Enjoy your rest love the pics I like the black and white view.