Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Look who Veda found!

Look who Veda found in the yard the other day!
This little fledgeling is still just getting its full feathers in, so it can't fly yet, but its parents are keeping a very close eye on him.
He was so so sweet, when I tried to pick him up, he opened wide for me to feed him!
He was sticking close to the nesting area and in the foliage, so hopefully he will make it to adulthood.
I am pretty sure this robin is the second clutch of the season from a pair of robins who nested in the old greenhouse.
How miraculous!
Oh man, I love birds!

Also, we have some baby cardinals hanging around the feeders (so cute! they are just getting their red) and a whole bunch of yellow finchies.
Last year we had Gus and Fredrika, the yellowfinch couple who took up residence here.
This year there are MANY and it makes me wonder if they are the offspring of Gus and Fredrika...
Plus, I am very excited to announce that a few strawberry finch have found their way to the feeders, so excited!
I have been trying to get them here all year!

Do you have feeders?
What kind of birds visit you?

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  1. such a cutie - i hope it makes it! we had a family of robins in the yard this spring - sadly one of the babies seems to have hit our door. in the summer i don't see much more than robins and hummingbirds, but in winter i put seed out and there are chickadees, juncos, towhees, flickers, woodpeckers and more!