Friday, July 29, 2011

decorated stones and butterfly eggs

The other day I was happily sitting outside enjoying the nice weather,
aka a break from the horrid, hot and humid weather we had for a week.
(the only good thing about it was that it made the ocean seem like paradise to swim in, or at least more so than usual!)
Thought I would try out the new white paint marker I got,
so now my walkway is scattered with some decorated stones!
I kind of like it, maybe I will do more...

On a separate note, I was pulling the poppies from my garden to dry and save the seed pods and I found this leaf with eggs on it.
I am hoping they are butterfly eggs and that maybe I can hatch them and raise some lovely butterflies to release back into the world!

Anyone know anything about this, or what type of eggs they might be?


  1. i love the painted stones on your walkway! little details like that make for brighter days:) i'm excited to see what comes from those eggs!

  2. Oh my gosh!
    Lucky you...when/if they hatch, you should feed the caterpillars hollyhock leaves. They like those.