Tuesday, August 24, 2010


It has been rainy and windy for the past few days.
And it also really feels like fall...
But I love it,
we needed the rain so badly and I always love a good rainy day!
It is the perfect weather for being lazy and snuggling,
but also for creating!
Today I have been making kimchi and carding wool with my new (to me) carding machine.
I think I might go for a short walk too,
I love walking in the rain,
especially in the woods.
It smells so nice and everything feels so alive!
What do you like to do on rainy days?
Do you like rainy days?


  1. I like to knit.

    I like to watch drops run down the windowpanes.

    I like to look at the colors of stones

    revealed by the rain.

    I like to make cookies,

    Though yesterday I learned yet again

    Rain makes cookies sticky

    But for baking bread,

    it's a friend.

    I like to walk with my sweetie,

    And hear as he raises

    music to the clouds

    to the sky

    When it opens.

  2. Oh, you always have the best poems, Rebecca! <3

  3. yes~ we just had heatwave recently!
    I want the rain to come our way~