Wednesday, September 24, 2014


It is fall!
Happy Equinox!!!
That means new designs, new styles and new colors!
Enjoy balmy days in a new organic cotton lunar tee.
Or snuggle away the cool nights in a slouchy sweatshirt featuring a mason jar full of freshly harvested garlic!
And lastly, you can always have that perfect fall layer with the fern heart loose long sleeve.
All the most comfortable pieces, I swear!
(I am living in these right now!!!)

Headed for the shop in the next few days.


  1. Oh, you're on a high! An autumny, can't be stopped, creative roll! Look at all those groovy pieces!
    It's been really fun following you on your Cali coastal journey. Can't wait to see where you end up.
    New adventures always conjure up exciting ideas for art & life.
    You look very happy, girl. :)

  2. Thanks Lynn! We can't wait to go back west... I have been dreaming nightly of the crazy roads out there and dramatic seascape!