Monday, August 4, 2014

Harvest: Food is your Medicine.

With the unending anticipation of moving (and not an exact date... yet.), my garden space has been set free a bit. I have done very little planting and most of what grows are perennial or re-seeded from last year. Except the garlic. That I made sure to plant last fall.

There are always a few staple plants I make sure to plant. I tend to be more of an herbal gardener, I encourage herbs and flowers (many of which are considered weeds) to grow and to use both in and as food or medicine. Among the verdure springing forth from the earth are staples, such as sage, thyme and basil, as well as lavender, lemonbalm, calendula, anise hyssp, chamomile, and echinacea. Plus a few wild volunteers, like the St. John's wort, mugwort, evening primrose... But aside from these plants whose delicate leaves and flowers I harvest, I always try to plant garlic. Even if it is just a few cloves to have a few homegrown bulbs.

It was difficult a few years ago when I moved in winter and had to leave my whole garden, many of the plants I had for over 10 years and had moved with me from a handful of different locations. I had a relationship with these plants, I tended them and harvested them year to year and they provided me with sustenance and healing. But then there are times to let go. It is good to start fresh and to develop relationships with plants who grow wild.

So now these few plants growing out in the yard are extra special.
So the other day I noticed it was time for the garlic to be dug up. There is nothing like harvesting your own food, with the intention of well being and nourishment. And as I slowly moved through the little spaces where plants weren't growing to harvest the garlic bulbs, I thought about what I would use it for. Of course some will be used as food, added to pizzas, sauces, stir fry, etc.. But some will be made into remedies and added to honey for fighting off colds and flus in the colder months.

The garden is such a wonderful sanctuary. A place of calm and peace. Regeneration.

Do you have a garden space?
What things do you grow?

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