Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Bessie Mu, swimming her furry heart out!

Enjoying a post swim apple while Mu burns a hole through me and drools over said apple.

Taking in the beautiful scenery while cozying up in my newest Little Owl hoodie!

The view from where I ditched my backpack (a safe distance from the water). You can never be too careful with 4 wet dogs running around and swimming!

New logo, new hoodie!

Like bath water. Seriously!

Not a bad view, might need to make this my new "office space".

On one of my many hikes out to a favorite swimming spot. After winding our way through a maze of paths laden with roots and rocks. Past a corridor of boulders left eons ago from glacial shift and melt. Where humans now hook themselves into harnesses and ropes, looking for hand holds, foot holds (whatever holds) in hopes to conquer the climb up each rock face. I think I have found my new "office space".

Hiking is, most often, meditation.

In between throwing the ball ahead for Mu and Margi to chase after and retrieve and looking back to make sure Veda is still trailing behind (she has slowed a bit at almost 13, but still keeps up like a champ!), my mind settles into the pace. My eyes look down at the soft, rooty earth laid out in front of me, there is an owl feather! Then they shift up, look at how the sun streams through branches in the pine grove... I can hear the highway in the distance. It is hard to believe anyone could cut through such a beautiful place to lay pavement and have vehicles whiz around. Instead I pretend I hear waves.

Then my mind drifts. Nature always has been and always will be my muse.
I think about the history of my creative endeavors. I think about all the things I love to do, to create, and all the things I would love to learn. I think about where I started, how I started and how my work has evolved.
Evolution is human nature.
It seems evolution is an art form.

And then I thought about how I do what I do (a question I actually get asked often). And I wonder: "Is this success? What DO I consider success?" (A difficult question to answer, for me at least)

I am so grateful to all of the people who have encouraged me over the years. All the people who have supported me,especially those who are friends and family and demanded to compensate me for my work, even though I would endlessly try to give it to them for free.

In thinking about my past work and where I am now, what I am creating and how I have evolved, I am thinking about what it means when we support handmade. Each time you buy an item from an artist you aren't just giving them some of your hard earned cash, you are telling them 3 things.

1. That you appreciate (value) and encourage their work.
2. That you believe in them.
3. That you anticipate the future of their creativity and seeing what their work evolves into.

This may not seem obvious, but it is true.
I couldn't have done it without all the wonderful people who have helped me evolve.
So, thank you.
I appreciate you, too.
I also look forward to seeing where my creativity leads me. This is my natural path.
And to me that is success.

How do you define success?

p.s. The hoodie above will be in the shop soon!!!

Margi and Veda, post swim.


  1. "All the things I would love to learn." This resonates with me, too.
    Britt, I've seen your work, I 'wear' your success! Your sweetness and talent and graciousness shows in the words you write, in your photography and from the work of your hands. Your kindness and the way you think is success alone.
    From the silver & bone bracelets, crocheted wrapped gem jewelry, your nature designed cotton T's & sweatshirts & yoga pants, your out of this world indigo everything! And your hands make the most beautiful knitted sweaters and hats! Not to mention the drawings and paintings that are so original and inspiring. You do it all while taking time to be in nature, to love your animals, to reflect and see and love and BE. Just as you are.
    You are as unique as they come.

  2. Everything that you wrote about supporting handmade craft is so true. I feel the same - very grateful that people see the whole story behind it and value and appreciate it. And thank you for the beautiful pictures of your prestige swimming spot. Isn't it just so soothing and refreshing when you 'just walk one step often another' on a hike? It is the most amazing way to be in the present and emptying the mind!