Sunday, May 12, 2013

Weekend in photos

This weekend has been both a whirlwind and slow as molasses at the same time. If that can even make sense. I have been diving head first into the indigo bath (if you can't tell, ha!). I think I am doing a study in blue, I can't get enough indigo! I'm trying to get myself together and ready for my first fair of the season. I will be set up in Somerville at Assembled next Saturday.

It is most definitely spring now. Everything seems to be lusciously bursting into bloom and I swoon! We went for a nice walk around the resevoire on the edge of the woods today, everything is neon! The green of freshly unfurling leaves and buds popping open is so healing, don't you think? I am finding myself inspired.
What is inspiring you these days?

I want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas out there and to all you mama's to be, friends, aunties, grandmothers... You, who have offered love, support and guidance at some point or another. You are loved and appreciated!

Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Sunday!
Happy spring!



  1. you have an amazing effect in the study of indigo, just wow! very beautiful!

  2. Lovely everything, "blue hands".
    You are the indigo queen. It's official.