Friday, July 9, 2010

A bit about Nateva...

This is Frank... Probably one of our most popular puppets (with our friend Sylvana).

ok, it has been a while. I am feeling so fried from this past week! First we went to Nateva, which was great,except the security and staff had awful communication and gave us a really difficult time! Other than that, I was so excited to see the Flaming Lips play! I even got to meet Wayne Coyne (lead singer) and most of the band back stage... We told him how much we enjoyed his music and that we would love to do puppets for the show and invited him to our big tent to check them out.... He came back later (and of course I wasn't there so everyone got a photo but me!) and loved the puppets, supposedly, and said a couple could come one stage!!!!!

Well, that didn't happen. Apparently the security didn't know anything about it and we really mean a shoved Andy. What JERKS!!! I am a little confused also because some other girls that were at our tent (not with us) got passes to go on as dancers for the show! So I ask, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT??? We didn't get a pass...

In the crowd for George Clinton! He was AWESOME!!! First time seeing him, totally impressed, great to hoop to!

Anyways, I was still happy to meet him and just hoping that he isn't a complete jerk and lying to us...

Puppets hanging out at the tent in between outings!

Fireworks at the festival sunday night!

Other than that, I have been trying to rest and working a lot gardening (which is awful in this heat). I was so happy to have to work, only to lose the money to my car because I bumped a curb at the grocery store and busted my radiator. Totally sucky!

I am waiting to get my car back today, I guess it was a bit of a sign that I needed to take a break. I was so tired from being in crowds and vending and yelling for tips and helping the puppets and hoola hooping and being hot... It is completely exhausting being around thousands and thousands of people for days!

So, what have you all been up to? I am wondering what type of things you guys are interested in, or what you would like to know about.... I am trying to make my blog more interesting, so let me know!!!

Hope you all have a beautiful day!

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  1. the flaming lips, yay, that sounds awesome! i'm with you, maybe it is a good thing you're without your car, that way you were forced to take a little break!