Monday, April 6, 2015

Saltwater for Blood

Are you a mountain person
or an ocean person?

Sea sprite or wood nymph?

Do you need the calm + quiet of the forest and the protection of tree giants? Or does your spirit require salt on your skin + sand between your toes?

Do you crave elevation?
To take deep + pure breaths.
Or feel the need to climb up + touch the ever-loving sky?

Does your heart sync into an ever constant rhythm with the waves under its full moon commands?
Pushed + pulled by the ebbing energy sent magnetically to earth by Luna?

Or are you like me, do you need both to feel complete?
Like you have saltwater for blood, stars in your eyes + inhale thin mountain air just to be able to be?


  1. I am a wood nymph with a roadrunner heart and cactus juice running through my veins!
    I saw a glimpse of your new mountain ocean designs! Those colors!!! You nailed it...I want one in Tshirt form.
    When will they be done? :))

    1. You sure are, my dear!
      I am working on the new design, I have some ideas I need to order supplies for and play around with...

  2. Both worlds would be ideal!

  3. i definitely need them both