Monday, July 14, 2014

...You belong among the wildflowers...

*****Many things are hanging on the horizon.
Some near, some... Well, not so much.
Some days I feel like I can't contain myself,
But every day I take small steps.

It is hard to really realize sometimes, the steps I am taking, but they are going ever onward. I often create endless lists for myself of things "to do". Many days I am somewhat satisfied (apparently never fully satisfied) with what I accomplish, how much I accomplish, how fully I accomplish. But then, just as often, I get very few of these "to do" things done.

There is so much pressure I put on myself (I wonder, am I alone feeling this?), I have these- standards, shall we say- of what I expect of myself, masked as my perception of what I think society and other people think and expect of me.
But the bottom line is that none of it matters (I know, I know, easier said than done).
There is always going to be an ongoing list that can be compiled of the do's, don'ts, should's, could's, would's... The "to do" list can be endless!
But really, it doesn't matter.
I work on accepting this every day.
I work on enjoying the moments as they arrive, not stressing-especially the small stuff- and whatever I get done in the day is what was meant to be. It is hard, but I am happier and fuller for taking these steps.

I am so painfully human sometimes, but I have to remember to look at and listen to the natural world around me, imagining myself wild and free like those "weeds" blooming from the cracks in the pavement, or in a ditch, or even a beautifully manicured garden...
We are all wildflowers, remember.

So as the week begins and a new day approaches, enjoy it. Go out, do those things you have been wanting to do, the "need to's" can wait one more day!


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  1. Beautifully thought, perfectly written.
    You don't NEED to do anything,really. You don't. Once there's pressure involved, it's no fun anymore.
    I make lists too. Everyday. I've got lists in three different places in my house. If I can find them, I fold them up and stuff them in my pocket. Sometimes I read them and remind myself of "dumb things I gotta do" but most of the time they are forgotten and get washed and tumbled dry. And a new list begins!
    Just writing stuff down is enough. There~ now it's out of my head and on paper! Some things get done, others can wait.
    I've been feeling the same things. Of what others think and expect.
    I've also been steering my mindset to reading Buddhist books, Thích Nhất Hạnh. Trying to learn to be in the moment. To live in the moment. Now is all we have kind of thing. Oh man, the BEST thing I found was a little itty book called THE SHIFT by Wayne Dyer. It is opening my eyes like BAM! All about 'Meaning'. Go to your library!
    Thank you for this post, Britt. Thanks for your unbending ear!
    You wrote it. I really needed it!