Monday, October 7, 2013

Things to do on a rainy Sunday

We (unintentionally... thanks loud neighbors) woke up pretty darn early on Sunday.
Not that I really mind being up early, but it was clear that we couldn't even just lay about and snuggle.
So we rose, dressed and tried to make a plan.
Originally that plan was to go to the flea market, but since it was so rainy we didn't think anyone would really be there...
So here's what happened instead:

1. Farm visits: stopped at the local orchard farm store for cider donuts and hot mulled cider.

2. popped over to another farm store that sells dairy to check and see if they had any heavy cream. They did and I rejoiced accordingly! (homemade butter and whipped cream, here I come!)

3. Took a little walk/hike.

4. Drove down a road that was beyond beautiful. Just to see.

5. Stopped at another barn where the bf's aunt has her horse. He is 33! Sweetest horse you ever will meet and we had promised him the day before we would come back with apples and carrots for him.
He was very happy. And drooly ;)

5. Once we were home we marinaded the meat we had gotten at the farm the day before for dinner. Then we cleaned and started some chicken soup from the leftover carcass from dinner the night before.
Best. Chicken soup. EVER!
(recipe will have to be in the next post)

6. Also made fresh thyme drop biscuits.

And that was what we did on Sunday.
Oh, and caught the new episode of Alaska: the final frontier.
Yep. Good day.

What do you like to do on rainy Sundays?


  1. Awwww, love this <3 We took a rainy walk with silly umbrellas with the rain and leaves fluttered by us. Cleaned all the things I procrastinate cleaning, while the princess bride played in the background, and Kenai sat in a prom dress in the living room beading necklaces. COZY! LOVE the cinnamon picture!

  2. That was a great rainy sunday!!
    Things that I love to do....go out in the morning, markets, walk....then, go back home have some food, and seat at the couch with a good book or a nice crochet project, my laptop, cup of tea....cozy, cozy.... ;)

    Have a nice week!

    Lluisa xx

  3. Can I come live with you????!!!
    Farm visits! Gosh, how I would dig going from farm to farm, picking up cream and eggs and petting the animals and going into old barns with straw everywhere. I can only imagine.
    That sweet old horse! I remember. What is her name? (Him?) Food for you guys, for keeping your promise with the carrots and apples.
    Your days are full and rich and happy. Life is good for you two.
    Because of that picture, I'm making chicken soup in a crock pot today! Thanks, Brit!

  4. @Rheta, That sounds fantastic!

    @Lluisa, I love being cozy on the couch too!!!

    @Lynn, you are *always* welcome here! The sweet old horse is Dory and he is a total love. He had a rough fall last week, poor boy, so we went to cheer him up with love and apples!
    And hooray for chicken soup!