Tuesday, May 22, 2012

She makes me deliriously happy

This photo of Veda makes me deliriously happy!
Oooh, she is just so cute!

Well, today is soggy and grey and so far has consisted of me printing out photos and filling out applications for a couple of art fairs coming up this summer. Not fun at all, really. But now that is done and I can continue on with my afternoon.

Things I am thinking today:

1. I am wishing I had a covered porch so that I could build myself a nice little nest of soft and cozy blankets and just plunk myself in the middle and enjoy the pouring rain while I drink tea and read or work on some crochet...

2. I would really like to start working with clay.
I wish I had a pottery studio because I think that this is the next medium that I would like to incorporate into my repertoire. I am trying to put my feelers out to learn more on how I might go about doing this...

3. I really like cheddar broccoli soup.
I think it is pretty much perfect.

So, how is your afternoon going so far?
I hope it is not quite so soggy where you are (although, truth be told, I do like a good rainy day)!


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