Sunday, August 28, 2011

something special for Hurricane Irene

I hope you all are safe and dry for Hurricane Irene!
Living on the coast in New England, Hurricanes are just part of life.
The trees need to let go of some old branches and leaves
and the air needs to be stirred up a bit.
Not to mention that the earth loves a nice big drink!

I love watching the tree tops bend and sway as they dance in the lusty gales.
Don't you!?!

So, with that said, for today in honor of Irene I am offering a 15% discount in the shop!
Use the coupon code RAINYDAY when checking out!
That's all.

Well, I am off to build a fort or something of that sort to entertain myself today!
Hope you can still enjoy your day, even if it is all rainy and stuff :)

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